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Agreed directions.

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Agreed directions.

Postby Brownhills » Fri Apr 13, 2018 11:22 am

The CMC was running late.

Accordingly the two barristers agreed to the directions so that left only the costs.

After the above agreement, I met my barrister before the CMC who told me he had agreed the directions with the defence barrister. I had to inform him that that was impossible because he was there to argue for a particular direction, a direction quite the opposite to what the defence were wanting.

It came to light after i had basically instructed him about what he was there for, that he was missing most of my directions.

My question is could the defence barrister have (through the usher) have informed the Judge that directions were agreed, because he was aware that he had just pulled a blinder on my barrister. After all the CMC was 45 minutes late and he would appear helpful in passing on this message to the Judge, who would be happy to move things along without any more delay.
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