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Define a Zombie Knife

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Re: Define a Zombie Knife

Postby shootist » Tue Apr 17, 2018 12:57 pm

Maz JP wrote:I have no idea whether this adds anything relevant to the debate, but I have never heard the word 'zombie' attached to the word 'knife' in Court ; and we do an awful lot of knife crime.

I trust that assists.

Or not, perhaps.

It is of some use in illustrating the almost complete lack of such knives being used in crime. (One murder that I am aware of, by someone that would have just used a carving knife if no zombie knife was to be had)

I realise that most firearms crime will be of a passing interest to a magistrates court, but you are likely to hear the basic facts. You will have heard even less about .50 calibre rifles being used in crime. In fact, I am certain that neither you, nor any UK magistrate, has heard of a .50 calibre rifle being used in any criminal enterprise. But, our shepherds felt the need to introduce a law protecting the sheep from such abominations, while practically ignoring the real problems. I think I'm seeing a trend there.
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