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Postby shootist » Wed Jun 10, 2015 9:18 pm

A long time ago I dealt with quite a few cases of counterfeit DVD films produced in India, or thereabouts. This little gem came from the back cover of one. I copied it exactly as it was. Enjoy.

Nasdial is brought by his uncle in Los Angeles. She tells is love So#
made man who’s been in us for six years. Nandial and Shekar msrry and soon have a kid. Everything is perfect and happy till three years at their marriage. When are day Shekhar hears shout caraage in a village in Narthera Ladia. Na gets very agitated and revalls to Nandial that his mother may have boon huri and wants to visit her for a few days. Nasdial is very surprisedthat he has a family. But insists an accompaatin bime to his village.

Thers she discover that his family. Headed by his charisoatic, powerlat and cairemely violel father Narismah has been at was with another family for several generalisat. She is shaked and completely by this vieisal way at the bers. She is viry
Apprehensive at the illnacos that may occur and her thres your old to whom father-in-law is very auached. Out of this conctrn, she gets islo a couple of very conirutaties with her father–in-law leading to a very intansa sitantion within the family. Valurtunalely, her father-in-law is tricked by his pollcals.
Her son With him.

Sh lights this decisoion, hul to as avall, as je is staring and extermtly sinbbiora, So, she tries to escaots on her own. Altsr two lallares, she is locked up in an sutboti. What will happsa to her? Will she ever be she go to Caasda? To know all this watc SHAKTI.
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Re: Shakti

Postby Slartibartfast » Thu Jun 11, 2015 5:52 am

Funny, but the basic gist is understandable. I wish I could write Hindi, Bengali or Gujarati at that fluency.
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