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Railway buildings and permitted development

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Re: Railway buildings and permitted development

Postby Stargazer » Sun Nov 26, 2017 1:11 pm

The residents were of course well aware that their gardens backed on to a railway and were quite used to having frequent trains running on said tracks. However, the nature of the railway they are backing on to has completely changed since they bought their houses - in 2013 Network Rail built sidings for a new train depot behind them, effectively moving the nearest tracks to less than half the original distance from their houses and turning the railway next to them into a 24 hour operation with the peak noise between 3 and 7am. NR's environmental impact assessment claimed that noise would not increase perceptibly but as has been borne out by the council's recent action this is clearly not the case. Residents are therefore understandably sensitive to the addition of a new building on their horizon without any notification.

In the end I guess it remains to be seen whether the equipment housed in the new building will cause additional noise or pollution and this will have to be taken up with the council's environmental health department if this occurs.
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