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Was Fred West "innocent"?

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Re: Was Fred West "innocent"?

Postby diy » Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:55 am

Maz JP wrote:
atticus wrote:In the meantime, has shooter remembered what it was that led him to say that about "beyond reasonable doubt"? We may be able to clear up any confusion if he can.

We are greatly discouraged from using the phrase in Court.

Currently, we are advised that the a la mode wording is "satisfied so that we are sure".

I don't know if this advances the discussion one whit.

Hmm.. that does explain my own experience of a magistrates court (as a witness). I certainly didn't feel the evidence against the accused was sufficient to convict beyond reasonable doubt. I was the only witness and had he done a better job of cross examining me, we'd have established that I didn't actually witness him doing the damage, but concluded that it was most likely down to him based on his actions.
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