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Prisons: Case Law, Legislation, Links 11-09-17

All matters involving criminal law

Prisons: Case Law, Legislation, Links 11-09-17

Postby dls » Mon Sep 11, 2017 11:24 am

All matters relating to prisons including parole
Please take the time to explore these links. Once you get used to what is provided, the power to enquire about the law is properly substantial. Suggestions for further leading cases, statutes, links and corrections are always welcome. I give my warm thanks to those who have suggested material.

Case law:
Leading Cases:
      Prison Act 1952 / 52 -|- Case law
      An Act to consolidate certain enactments relating to prisons and other institutions for offenders and related matters with corrections and improvements made under the Consolidation of Enactments (Procedure) Act 1949.
      Criminal Justice Act 1961 / 39 -|- Case law -|- See Also: Criminal Sentencing
      An Act to amend the law with respect to the powers of courts in respect of young offenders; to make further provision as to the treatment of prisoners and other persons committed to custody, including provision for their supervision after discharge, and the management of prisons, approved schools and other institutions; to re-enact with modifications and additions certain statutory provisions relating to the removal,return and supervision of prisoners within the British Islands; and for purposes connected with the matters aforesaid.
      Prison Security Act 1992 / 25 -|- Case law -|- See Also:, Crime
      An Act to make provision for an offence of prison mutiny and for a new offence and new penalties in connection with escapes from prison.
      Offender Management Act 2007 / 21 -|- Case law
      An Act to make provision about the provision of probation services, prisons and other matters relating to the management of offenders; and for connected purposes.
      Crime and Security Act 2010 / 17 -|- Explanatory Note -|- Case law -|- See Also: Police, Crime, Licensing
      An Act to make provision about police powers of stop and search; about the taking, retention, destruction and use of evidential material; for the protection of victims of domestic violence; about injunctions in respect of gang-related violence; about anti-social behaviour orders; about the private security industry; about possession and use of electronic communications devices in prison; about air weapons; for the compensation of victims of overseas terrorism; about licensing the sale and supply of alcohol; about searches in relation to persons subject to control orders; and for connected purposes.

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