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Domestic Violence: How's this work?

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Re: Domestic Violence: How's this work?

Postby Hairyloon » Sat Apr 01, 2017 11:07 am

Boo wrote:Can you be more specific please?

Sorry, but my earlier point (which I thought you were replying to) was that if people who might commit a crime are seeing perpetrators of that crime being caught and unpunished, then that lowers the disincentive for them to do it for the first time.

There are lots of things in life that are hard to do for the first time, but having overcome the various barriers and done it, it is so very much easier to do it a second time, especially if the first time was in any way "fun"

There is surely a great value in preventing that first offence.
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Re: Domestic Violence: How's this work?

Postby Boo » Sat Apr 01, 2017 1:27 pm

There are way too many variables involved before some individuals think about punishment from the cjs. To name a few; Learned behaviour. Social exclusion. Trauma.

There are new educational programmes being rolled out in some schools teaching kids about positive relationships, the dangers of sexting etc, but I wonder how much use they'll be to the pupils who are currently witnessing abuse at home as part of the norm of family life.
These kids are already mindful of going into care once word gets out - perhaps being separated from their siblings.

I'm minded of the Daniel Pelka case and how up to 70+ professionals could have saved him.
Mum (Luczak) was a serial domestic abuse victim. The best she thought she could do was to go to the school and plead with them not to give Daniel extra food.
Daniel was grilled by Mariusz Krezolek after school about what he'd eaten as he was only allowed bread and cheese in his lunchbox.

Daniel took food from other kids and was seen eating from school bins.
When Krezolek found out Daniel had eaten more than his allowance as set by Krezolek, he'd punish him. He did regularly. They both did. Ending in Daniel's murder.
Łuczak and Krezolek hanged themselves in prison.

I would like to go tough on SDAVs and SDAPs - but am reminded by a certain support agency who shall remain anonymous that going hard on SDAVs is likely to cause them secondary trauma. Then of course, there is the issue of disengagement from services, stat and non stat which could lead to families scarpering.
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Re: Domestic Violence: How does this work?

Postby atticus » Fri Apr 07, 2017 1:14 pm

atticus wrote:I have also seen that some MPs may be asking the Attorney General to review the sentence, although I have seen it suggested that this may not be a case in which the sentence can be appealed. The Secret Barrister suggests another possible route.

And today he has been senteced to 18 months, not suspended. The judge has also clarified what he said about the vulnerability of the victim, given the previous inaccurate reporting.

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