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Proceeds of Crime Hearing - unpaid compensation

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Proceeds of Crime Hearing - unpaid compensation

Postby TenaciousB » Wed Feb 22, 2017 4:23 pm

A father was jailed after he had "despicably stolen" his ex-wife's estate from their sons.

At a Proceeds of Crime hearing he was ordered (in his absence) to pay over £80K in compensation to his son within 3 months or face another 3 years in prison.

He has failed to pay his son and has left the country and is now living over the pond. He has property in the UK which has a CPS injunction against it preventing anyone doing anything with it. Before the CPS could get their injunction, the father managed to put the property into a trust with him and his (now ex-) girlfriend as beneficiaries. The judge at the Proceeds of Crime Hearing declared that he was not able to do anything about the trust but maybe a higher court could, and said that the action had been done deliberately to defeat the Proceeds of Crime Hearing.

What is likely to happen next? Would the CPS bother applying for extradition? Can they get rid of the trust? Might they sell the property to pay the compensation?

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Re: Proceeds of Crime Hearing - unpaid compensation

Postby atticus » Wed Feb 22, 2017 9:47 pm

Why not bankrupt the man and have the property transfer set aside?

The extradition question was recently discussed.
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