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Crown Court Appeal

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Re: Crown Court Appeal

Postby DannyJP » Sat Jun 11, 2016 5:25 pm

In my experience a rehearing in a Crown Court of a matter previously decided in a Magistrates Court is a new hearing as if the first had not happened. The major difference is that the tribunal is made up of a Crown Court Judge or Recorder and two Magistrates and it is the Judge who will also advise on matters of law. He or she will not be as forgiving of waffling as those in the Court below and will also run the trial, deciding when the Court has heard enough to make an impartial decision.
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Re: Crown Court Appeal

Postby veritas2409 » Mon Jun 13, 2016 2:15 pm

So why is the case management so radically different. At the very very least you would expect him to request the prosecution to list their witnesses and for a reasonable discussion of issues , especially when I came to court well prepared with a easy to read document. There isn't a case management form

It is actually really disheartening , it means that instead of the issues taking 10-15 minutes to discuss in court , I have to spend hours writing emails , ringing up the court and the CPS to get information. It really is a total disgrace
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