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Exit bill and new trade deal

For discussion of all matters relating to the UK's departure from the European Union

Re: Exit bill and new trade deal

Postby miner » Fri Apr 07, 2017 7:36 pm

diy wrote:Yes and no

the public roar does entrench positions that become "red lines" where face is lost if they are given up. So in that respect it's a little daft. On the other hand a storm before calm can be effective at creating authority that you can later give up

It can also make the storm-creator look very stupid and weaken their case. That is, in my view, exactly what the EU and what that "gap-toothed clown Verhofstadt" [the term is not mine but one which appeared in an article published by a major UK newspaper today] has done. I really cannot believe the sheer unprofessionalism and stupidity of people like Verhofstadt.
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