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what will Brexit do for us?

For discussion of all matters relating to the UK's departure from the European Union

Re: what will Brexit do for us?

Postby LoveandPeace » Wed Apr 26, 2017 12:07 am

Smouldering Stoat wrote:No, it does not: consider, for example, this letter to local authorities from the Government:

As you are aware the Housing Revenue Account is a ring-fenced account within the authority’s General Fund, which means that local authorities have no general discretion to transfer sums into or out of it. The items to be credited and debited to your Housing Revenue Account are prescribed by statute. These include expenditure and income relating to property listed in section 74 of the Local Government and Housing Act 1989 and Schedule 4 to the 1989 Act (as amended) which specifies the debit and credit items to be recorded in the Housing Revenue Account. Permissible debit items include expenditure on repairs, maintenance and management, capital expenditure and rents, rates, taxes and other charges. Permissible credit items include rents, charges for services and facilities and contributions towards expenditure.

As the letter makes clear, former powers to transfer money to the general fund (which were in any event very tightly-controlled) have been repealed. Whether you will change your position is a matter for you.

This is only applicable to England? Therefore I would change my position on it BUT there is some wording that suggests it's not totally set in stone.

Your views on private education, while I am sure they are interesting, are neither here nor there given that I went to state schools.

Sincere apologies if you felt I was targeting you although I wouldn't want to be targeting anyone but it was about journalists. I never suspected you as being one. I just recognise the structure of society and many with views and opinions (journalists for example) don't really understand what they are talking about because they have no genuine personal experience. I am of the understanding a lot of media journalists were educated at private school therefore they would have no real understanding of council houses unless they have lived there. However that goes for most people who have never lived in a housing estate. None of that was intended to offend anyone. Sincere apologies if it did.

SS on this occassion I was not looking to upset you. :)
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