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Re: Brexit

Postby miner » Sun Mar 12, 2017 10:40 pm

Smouldering Stoat wrote:My aunt grew up in a communist dictatorship. When she's finished wondering what happened to her family, she could teach you why your comparison between the EU and the USSR is beneath contempt.

I neither know nor care what you may have done: all I can see is a bitter old man. Consider yourself blocked.

We have numerous close friends who grew up in various Communist dictatorships (the DDR, Poland, Albania, the Ukraine, Lithuania, Yugoslavia to name but a few). Many of them closely compare what is happening politically with the EU today to the politics of the former USSR. Families have been forced to split up in many cases and many have fled Communism via escaping through other countries (such as Hungary) at great risk to their lives. More recently, people we know have been forced to leave some of the newer EU countries due to the severe adverse effects of EU policies, which has caused them to be unable to afford to continue to live in those countries.

As a family we try to provide friendship and practical help towards such folk we get to know.

So please spare me your insult describing me as "a bitter old man".
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Re: Brexit

Postby Hairyloon » Sun Mar 12, 2017 11:11 pm

miner wrote:You're the one who needs to be blocked, Stoaty, and be deprived your "Moderator" status, for knowingly, deliberately and dishonesty attributing a quote to me when you knew perfectly well it was not made by me but generated by you in what was a personal attack by you against me.

Nothing I had said constituted a personal attack on anyone on this forum.

Smouldering Stoat wrote that miner wrote:

blah blah blah shameful fellow-travellers blah blah Remaniacs blah blah EUssr blah blah EUrogoons blah stupid and so arrogant blah.

It seems a reasonable paraphrasing.

Then he/she further abused their Moderator status by deciding to block me.

Clearly he has not blocked you from the board. He has done nothing here that any member cannot do: there is no abuse of status.
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