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This is Public - Reminder - No Privacy

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This is Public - Reminder - No Privacy

Postby dls » Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:58 am

It is I think timely to remind everyone that what is said on this board is very much public material. Please be careful, when posting to avoid anything which might prove embarassing if found by any other party.

Much more nowadays than a few years ago, the first recourse foranybody doing almost anything is to research on the web. I have known of three occasions when something published here as been picked on by another party. The last which came to my attntion was a couple of years ago, but for every one we come to be aware of there may be ten times when it happens without us knowing.

This can be particularly sensitive when we are helping others in a case.

i repeat that there is _no_ warranty of privacy here. That definitely includes matter posted to any non-public forum and particularly not to the personal message subsystem. If you want truly private conversations, start a whatsapp (or other similar) group. Courts would readily order disclosure of any material held here, and there would be little purpose in resisting any application properly made for disclosure.

Please note also that matters once published, cannot truly be 'unpublished'. We can delete conversations from any current version of the board, but we keep backups ging back over several years, and several internet resources can traceback older copies of pages on here.

Deleting posts here is a matter of the discretion of the moderators. Posters do not have a right to insist that any posts are deleted, and deletion causes genuine and justified frustration to those who have taken the time and real effort to contribute to a conversation in the hope not only that the original poster will be helped, but more importantly, that otehrs will see and be able to heed the discussion.
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