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A(nother) christian party leader

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Re: A(nother) christian party leader

Postby Hairyloon » Thu May 04, 2017 10:28 am

shootist wrote:There is far more logic in the proposition that God is inherently and infinitely evil and created the universe the way it is in order to be able to enjoy the pain and suffering of all who live in it. Like all bad people, he explains that he really is the good guy.

That logic follows from the premise that god is all powerful. I prefer the idea that he isn't and that these things are just **ck ups.
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Re: A(nother) christian party leader

Postby preacherman » Thu May 04, 2017 7:16 pm

volderman wrote:

The moon/sun god thing is a well known Christian Evangelical myth and has been clearly discredited by anyone caring to look. In reality Islam considers the god of all Abrahamic religions as one and the same whether they are called Yahweh, Allah or God.

No its not from websites and they still kiss the black stone during pilgrimages today.The supreme god was said to inhabit the black meteorite in the Kaaba. It is not really about what someone considers, it is about what God considers. I met a chap today who said Jesus was really talking about chakras when he spoke about fish and bread!. He didn't speak about fish and bread, he fed 5,000 people and this event was recorded.

anyway! Islam was not around at the time of Abraham, and the old testament is Jewish in origin.Even if Islam considers all Abrahamic religions one and the same, Jesus, not a religion, said that we must be born again, and believe on him. Allah and the God of the bible are totally different in nature. I dont think there is any such thing as forgiveness of sins, or repentance (which means to walk in a different direction) in Koran (but I am not sure) I think it is more about whether Allah wills.
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