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"A United Kingdom"

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"A United Kingdom"

Postby miner » Thu Mar 09, 2017 4:07 am

Has anyone else seen this film, recently released, about Sir Seretse Khama?

We went to see it last night, and found it very enjoyable, with good acting by the two main characters.

Unsurprisingly it showed the British Foreign Office underlings up as a bunch of arrogant, ignorant, insensitive, lying fools, so maybe nothing much has changed in the past 60 - odd years!

I can (fairly vaguely) recall some of the contemporaneous events and names and the portrayals in the movie which seem to have been quite accurate from what I checked out on the Internet after we came home.

It seems Winston Churchill lied through his teeth in terms of protecting the interests of Sir Seretse who was a highly educated and decent individual who proceeded finally to make his country (Bechuanaland, now Botswana) a much better place when he was able to do so.

Worth seeing!
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Re: "A United Kingdom"

Postby Spankymonkey » Sat Mar 18, 2017 10:03 am

Is it CGI?
Does stuff explode?
Is Seretse Khama a Marvel or DC property?
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Re: "A United Kingdom"

Postby shootist » Sat Mar 18, 2017 6:16 pm

Who made the film? What was their agenda?
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Re: "A United Kingdom"

Postby miner » Sat Mar 18, 2017 8:05 pm

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