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Coulson Irony

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Coulson Irony

Postby dls » Fri Jun 05, 2015 3:26 pm

The recent discharge of Andy Coulson on a charge of perjury has its own irony.

Coulson was called as a witness for the defence in an earlier allegation of perjury against a former Scottish MP in yet an earlier defamation claim.
The former MP was acting as a litigant in person when he called Coulson. The trouble was that he called him in an attempt to show that the rich and powerful can get away with anything. In effect he accused Coulson of having knowledge of the hacking of his phone by the News of the World. In that hearing Coulson denied such knowledge - falsely.

A prosecution was brought for perjury. Coulson argued that the libel (as the Scots called it) was irrelevant. The judge gave the prosecutor a several day hearing to bring evidence of the relevancy of the charge but they singularly failed to achieve this. Coulson was discharged - the false evidence had no relevance to the trial in which it was given.

Still, the Scots MP made his point.
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