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Conspiring to mislead the House.

Re: Conspiring to mislead the House.

Postby Hairyloon » Sun Feb 11, 2018 4:46 pm

dls wrote:
if it cannot be proved then the crime hasn't happened. If it hasn't happened then why investigate it.

As it stands that does not quite make sense.

Yes, that was my point. Atti wasn't making sense, but would not admit so.
It was clearly right that they should investigate a suspected crime which had not taken place.

Quite so, but if the offence only became an offence once it was proven that it had occurred, which was what Atti had said at first, and indeed at second, then there could only be a crime if they investigated it, which, as you say, makes no sense.

I had written most of a "Moving on" post which sought to address the relevant points Atti raised, but I had a glitch & lost it. I will write it again in due course.
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