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Detaining the Mentally ill.

Re: Detaining the Mentally ill.

Postby dls » Mon Oct 10, 2016 5:45 pm

This is a very long standing problem.

Ten years ago at least, when we had a saturday morning court it was known as the 'care in the community' court. Every week there would be seeral desperate individuals getting themeselves arrested because they could not get help from the hospital.

I was present at a party where I overheard a local NHS manager talking with pride about the arrangement put in place top provide nursing care for those appearing at court from custody on a Saturday morning. I upset him by pointing out that the arrangement was well known to those practsing in teh court because no nurse had ever been known o have appeared at the court despite calls for help. The rota was there. The pay was there (no doubt), but no nurses ever bothered to earn their overtime.
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