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Is this fraud?

Is this fraud?

Postby Legaleye » Wed Jun 15, 2016 9:11 am

My mother-in-law lives in sheltered accomadation, the county council pay the majority share of supplying carers 4 times/day, this is to help her getting dressed cooking meals and getting her ready for bed. My MIL pays £50/week towards this care.
The councils share of the care costs goes directly into a bank account opened up by my wife. We try to take her out as much as possible, this means cancelling the carers, which in turn meant that there was a build up of funds in the account (the carers only charge for the care they supply), my wife contacted the CC explaining this and was told not to worry about it.
Last month the carers company had taken out the full amount although several days care had been cancelled, when my wife brought this to there attention she was told, 'the council had said they must charge for carers even if they are cancelled as my MIL receives payment for that care'.
Given the CC have had their budget cut by central government, it sticks in my throat that they are happy to pay for services they (or the recipient) don't receive, could this be seen as a fraudulent claim by the carers company?

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Re: Is this fraud?

Postby dls » Wed Jun 15, 2016 11:07 am

It may very well be exactly what has been agreed between the authority and the care providers.

You just do not know. The care company no doubt operates to close margins, and has to have the service available at short notice and has continuing (possibly even additional) costs in stopping a worker.
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