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Town & Country Planning Act section 29

Judicial review, activities of government, local and national etc.

Town & Country Planning Act section 29

Postby Goldensyrup » Wed Feb 01, 2017 3:47 pm

I have requested via a local authority an appointment to visit their offices and view a working file/register of a planning application (as this is not covered by FOIA) to see the background material and correspondence minus what they consider is confidential.

They resisted twice and then on the third occasion offered the following "You can come in and view the file but the only thing inside the working file is the application form and the plans which is the same as what is visible on the councils website".

They clearly know I am aware of what is in the public domain. The planning application in question is very contentious and the planners are minded to approve subject to a planning committee approval shortly. The client is a wholly owned subsidiary of the council. It involves a manufacturing plant 50 metres from a nursery that will have questionable emissions including nitrogen dioxide and dust particles.

Any steer / guidance would be welcome on how to get this council to be more open?
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