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Student No More

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Student No More

Postby HalfwayThere » Sun Oct 29, 2017 8:30 pm

Hi all

So I used to be on here, when i first enrolled to study law. Finally finished, albeit not with as good a degree as I wanted, but oh well. A combination of mitigating circumstances and disinterest at certain points, I suppose.

So, considering enrolling and doing the combined LPC/LLM course, available at a number of bricks and mortar universities near me. Partially because I'm under the impression the firm I work for may be sold/wound up in a few years when the second of the directors fancies retiring.

Hoping to be back here a bit more anyway. :)
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Re: Student No More

Postby dls » Sun Oct 29, 2017 9:28 pm

Welcome back, and to the 'All the Way' when you get there.
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Re: Student No More

Postby atticus » Mon Oct 30, 2017 7:16 am

Welcome back.

We look forward to your further contributions. What areas of law interest you?

NB Closing a law firm is horrendously expensive (look up run-off insurance). With luck, when the time comes, the practice will be sold, and employees will transfer under TUPE.
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Re: Student No More

Postby HalfwayThere » Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:53 pm

Thanks for the welcome DLS & atticus.

I'm not currently in the legal profession (engineering), so there won't be the same amount of issues with the directors winding the company up or similar I wouldn't think.

Criminal law interests me, mainly because I was quite good at it. Ironically, it was a Wills/estate/fraud situation which got me motivated into law in the first place, but I didn't really enjoy the equity etc. side of it. :(
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