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Apparently dodgy stats

PostPosted: Thu Dec 15, 2016 5:41 pm
by dls
A leading children's charity today came out with an astonishing statistic.

Two thirds they say of children 'groomed' on line end up at least meeting the potential (and probable) abuser.

If true it would be properly astonishing. Unfortunately they way they collected the figures suggests that the figure, as presented, is quite worthless.

The survey was done among referrals of children to their centres for this problem.

Imagine. A thousand children suffer attempts to 'groom'. Say that this is, as with many other online cheats, a numbers game. Say 900 are groomed, but resist it going further. Of the remainder, less than half, perhaps, are referred to Barnardos - but say 50. Of that 50, two thirds - 33 end up meeting an abuser. We have gone from 66% to 3%. 3% would of course be too many, and 66% gets better headlines and more cash at Christmas, but it has the look of dishonesty by the charity.

I have no idea what the figures are - but nor do they; at least based upon that methodology.